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Vrite Extensions

The extension allows you to easily publish content from Vrite to the platform.


From the Extensions side panel, in the Available section, find and click Install.

Vrite extension


The extension has a few options you have to configure to activate it.


To retrieve your API key, go to the bottom of the Extensions section in the DEV Settings:

Here, add a description and Generate API Key.

DEV API key generation

Organization ID (optional)

If you want to publish the posts as an organization, you have to provide your Organization ID.

You can find it by going to your DEV dashboard ( then switching from Personal to your organization view using the selection menu above the posts list and copying the organization ID from the URL:[ID]

Content Group ID

The content group you want to automatically publish from. Once a content piece is moved directly to this content group, it’ll trigger a Webhook that’ll auto-publish the content piece on

You can copy the content group ID from the content group menu in either the dashboard or the explorer.

Copying the content group ID from Kanban dashboard

When checked, the auto-publishing won’t trigger if the content piece doesn’t have a canonical link assigned. Useful when cross-posting the content to e.g. and your own blog.


Whether to enable auto-publishing for all content pieces by default.


Whether the article should be marked as a draft on the platform (not publically visible).


With auto-publish enabled, once ready, simply move the content piece from e.g. Drafts content group to the one configured e.g. Published. You should see the article published on shortly after.

The extension also provides a content piece view (available from the Extensions section of the Content piece side panel.

From here, you can customize the Auto-publish and Draft per the given content piece, and also set a Series name to associate the article with, once it’s published on DEV.

Finally, with or without the auto-publishing enabled, you can easily publish “manually” using the Publish button. extension's content piece view