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Vrite Extensions


The GPT-3.5 extension integrates Open AI’s GPT-3.5 model in the Vrite editor as a block action.


From the Extensions side panel, in the Available section, find GPT-3.5 and click Install. The GPT-3.5 extension has no configuration options.

Vrite GPT-3.5 extension

Upon successful installation, when your cursor is inside a top-level paragraph, you should see a new Generate with GPT block action appear in the editor.

GPT-3.5 block action


Click the Generate with GPT block action to open a menu. Here you can type in your prompt and click Generate for the GPT-3.5 to start generating the content.

GPT-3.5 generating content

While the generation is ongoing, you can use the Stop button to stop it.

To make GPT-3.5 take action on an existing piece of content (e.g. ”Make it shorter”), check the Include context option — it’ll include the active paragraph in the prompt.