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Vrite Extensions


The MDX extension installs a custom remote transformer with support for MDX syntax.


From the Extensions side panel, in the Available section, find MDX and click Install. The MDX extension has no configuration options.

Vrite MDX extension

Upon successful installation, you should see a new MDX transformer registered in the Settings → Transformers section.

MDX transformer


When configuring Git sync, in the Mapping section, update the following settings:

  • Match pattern — edit the pattern to include .mdx files (e.g. **/*.{md,mdx});
  • Transformer — select MDX;

The MDX transformer has extended capabilities compared to the built-in Markdown transformer, including:

  • Support for MDX block elements with JSON-parsable parameters (mapping to Vrite’s Element blocks);
  • Support for title and meta properties in code blocks;
  • Support for YAML frontmatter (mapping to content piece metadata in Vrite)

Content synced with MDX transformer